Roadside Weed Program 2021-2022


The Upper Macquarie County Council, as the local control authority, has prepared this roadside weed treatment program for implementation within the context of Section 371 (1) (b) of the Biosecurity Act (2015).

The County Council intends to deliver the program for rural roadsides throughout the county area of operations on behalf of the constituent councils of Bathurst Regional Council, Lithgow City Council, Oberon Council and Blayney Shire Council. The Upper Macquarie County Council does not own or control any of the public land to be treated. This Public Notice is given in accordance with the County Council’s Pesticides Use Notification Plan (2019) prepared in compliance with part 5, Division 2 of the NSW Pesticides Regulation (2017). The County Council or it’s authorised agents and contractors will implement the attached weed treatment program.

The continuity of the program and overall extent to which the program progresses in a given period will be subject to all or any of: suitable weather conditions, the limit of available funding in any one financial year, and the availability of suitably skilled and experienced weed treatment resources.

This PUBLIC NOTICE will be (a) posted in a prominent location on the County Council Website and on the Websites of constituent councils where they agree to do so, (b) supplemented by the placement of standard signage during actual spraying operation on the relevant rural roadsides at the start end points of the work locations and on the Operators vehicle where appropriate.

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Pesticide Notification Plan