Herbicide Resistance in Serrated Tussock

MEDIA RELEASE – 20 January 2022

Upper Macquarie County Council has confirmed the presence of herbicide resistance in serrated tussock (Nassella trichotoma) in the central tablelands area.

“Laboratory testing for resistance has confirmed that populations of serrated tussock in a number of locations north of Bathurst and south of Oberon have developed resistance to the herbicide flupropanate after its long-term use in the area” said Mr Jackson, Chief Weed Biosecurity Officer, Upper Macquarie County Council.

As a result of it being a rapidly invasive plant species, Serrated tussock is recognised as a Weed of National Significance and is currently listed as a regional priority weed species in the Central Tablelands Strategic Weed Management Plan. Repeated use of herbicides to control serrated tussock – in particular flupropanate, can lead to the development of herbicide resistance in populations of serrated tussock.

Herbicide resistance has previously been recorded in serrated tussock populations in Victoria, as well on the northern and southern tablelands of NSW. The confirmation of resistance in some populations of serrated tussock recently in the central tablelands is the first official recording of resistance in the region.

Upper Macquarie County Council is working closely with the Local Land Services and the Central Tablelands Regional Weed Committee to support land managers in the best practice control of herbicide resistant serrated tussock in the region.

“We encourage landholders to be alert and not alarmed at the confirmation of resistance in serrated tussock in our region” said Ms Sydes, Central Tablelands Local Lands Services Regional Weed Coordinator.

The confirmation of herbicide resistance in serrated tussock is a good opportunity for land managers in the region to review how they are managing serrated tussock. Land managers are asked to report suspected herbicide resistance to their local council weed biosecurity officer. For more information about management of serrated tussock in the central tablelands contact your local council weeds biosecurity officer or visit NSW WeedWise (

Media contacts: Chris Jackson, Upper Macquarie County Council (02) 6305 6388.

Marita Sydes, Central Tablelands Local Land Services 0439 334 282