Like Bathurst burr, Noogoora burr is of great importance to the wool industry. The burrs damage shearing and carding machines and cannot be removed from wool mechanically. The plants are strong competitors in pasture and Summer crops due to their extensive root system and rapid growth. Seeds and seedlings are poisonous to animals, particularly cattle and pigs, and the plants cause contact dermatitis in humans and farm animals. Dispersal and control are similar to Bathurst burr.

(The taxonomy of the Xanthium genus is acknowledged by Parsons & Cuthbertson to be “confusing”. The first link given describes the scientific name of Noogoora burr as Xanthium occidentale while the second gives it as Xanthium strumarium. Parsons & Cuthbertson gives the scientific name as Xanthium occidentale Bertol. The photograph is identified as Xanthium strumarium L. See Bathurst burr above, Since Noogoora burr is included in the declaration of “Xanthium species” the reason it is separately declared is unknown.)


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